How to View Videos on this Site


2 26, 2009 03:02

The easiest way for non-Japanese speakers would be to hit this link and view all the edited videos sequentially, following the chronology of our journey. When you get to the bottom of the page, hit the next page number to go further.

We hope to update this site so that all the media can be seen on the English side alone, and that eventually, there will be subtitles. Since "Tibetronica" is currently run on a voluntary basis, the work may come slow, so please bare with us.

To give some background, the crew consisted of Morley Robertson who is a well-known radio host and actress Yukiko Ikeda, along with a technical crew consisting of a photographer and tech team. We purposefully did not include a professional video camera man, because that would have aroused suspicion by Chinese authorities. All Tibetan and Uyghur footage was shot inside the borders of the PRC on high-def video.